Over the past 3 years, we have sought to be a local church rooted in Scripture and relationship. We believe that there is great value in time spent together. It is for this reason that we are starting our Gospel Communities.

Here are some thoughts about our Gospel Communities:

What do we do in community?

  • We understand that we are all on a journey that God is graciously part of and on this journey He gives other people to walk alongside us. We are not perfect so we need God’s grace and we show grace to others. Together we are learning to follow Jesus in all of life.

Time in God’s Word

  • Though we may not have a “study time” each week we see through the Scriptures that God has graciously given us His Word to inform us in life. Trusting that God has given us these words we seek to allow them to inform us, shape us, and guide us in Christ.

Family-esc Aroma

  • We are a diverse group of people. Some are young, old, single, married, with kids, kids who have flown the nest. The beauty of family is that we know we aren’t perfect but we desire to for each one to grow. As we spend more time together we understand the richness of being a family formed in Jesus.

A Longing to Love, Bless, and Serve Our Family and Neighbors

  • We’re praying, talking and longing to bend our life and love outwards, towards our friends and neighbors that Jesus is sending us to. 

One way that we see the church in the New Testament growing is through sharing life together. At State Street we want to spend time with each other outside of our Sunday morning gathering. 

Gospel Communities meet weekly in homes. It is through discussion, prayer, food, and laughter that we grow together as a church family and in our understanding of following Christ.

To request information about our Gospel Communities please submit a form HERE.

Recent Studies

Radical Together by David Platt

Disciping by Mark Dever

John: A 12 week study by Justin Buzzard