(5/07) Pointing to Jesus?

In a world full of distraction with ways to occupy your time and every commercial on tv telling you to live a life of self fulfillment' what does Jesus call us to? Does he call us to fill our time with whatever we want or are we to live an abandoned life for Christ? Discover how Mary's life points to Jesus as a supreme example.

John 12:1-11

(04/21) Last Words - Easter Sunday

Imagine the dead being brought back to life. Imagine no longer having to fear death. Imagine your relationship being restored to your creator. Imagine one day with no more pain, hurt, suffering, anger, war, cancer, death. Imagine being in a restored existence. Imagine your mistakes and poor choices not being held against you. This and more was accomplished when Jesus rose from the grave. He alone is our hope and salvation.

(4/02) Last Words Part 1

Words are something that have a profound affect on each of us. We can recall conversations that went great or others that ended poorly. Often our lasting impact on people is through our words. Jesus words had the same affect on his listeners and us today. They reveal lasting truth that is trustworthy.

Mark 14:32-42

(3/26) The Good Shepherd vs. The Hired Hand

Jesus often taught using common things in his culture. He had a unique way of using the common to help us understand the greater truth. Though you may not be familiar with the shepherd - sheep relationship, we can understand that the sheep are not very profitable when living on their own. They need both other sheep and the shepherd. So don't we...

John 10:1-21

(3/05) What's the Importance of a Name?

When we hear names we think of different things. Depending on the name we may think of friends, family members, or perhaps celebrities. But what do we think about when we hear the name Jesus? This name is the single more important name to understand and how we know this name can change our lives.

John 8:31-40

Back to Basics - Moving from Love

As we seek to understand the basics of living in Christ we see that a life lived in love is at the center. But does it stop there? Do we simply love anything and everything or are there other marks of a Christian life? See how Paul gives insight to the question of living beyond love.

Romans 12:9-21